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How to Buy Ola Electric Scooter — Online Vs. In-store

How to Buy Ola Electric Scooter — Online Vs. In-store


So finally, you did your research and decided to purchase an Ola electric scooter. However, there are multiple sources to buy this scooter, and you’re confused about which medium is best to buy your e-scooter.

Well, don’t worry. This guide will help you choose the right medium for purchasing your next e-scooter from Ola. We’ll discuss all the places and ways to buy an Ola electric scooter, with potential benefits and risks involved.

Let’s start then.

1. Ola Electric Official Website or Mobile App

Both the official Ola website and mobile app offer a convenient way to purchase your scooter. They allow you to compare all models, including 360 product view, technical specifications, features, color options, and more. The Ola website also consists of a comparison table that helps you choose between the scooters effectively.

Below I’ve added some advantages and disadvantages to consider when you choose an online medium for buying your Ola e-scooter.


  • Allows purchasing scooter while sitting at home and at any time.
  • Detailed information on various Ola scooter model, including specifications, features, and color options available.
  • Option to compare different scooter models to find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Exclusive discounts during promotions.


  • No test ride to help you analyze scooter performance on your own.
  • Delayed delivery time depending on product demand during that time period.

That’s all the considerations for the online purchase of Ola electric scooter, let’s move forward and check for another way to purchase.

2. Ola Experience Center

If you don’t wish to depend on product visuals and prefer seeing the scooter in person, or if a test ride is important to you, then you have an option to visit Ola Experience Center. However, locating a nearby Ola Experience Center might be a concern for you.

So, let's learn how to find them!

How to Find Nearby Ola Experience Center?

  1. Search Google for “Ola Experience Center Near Me”.
    How to Find Nearby Ola Experience Center
  2. Doing this will help you locate all the Ola showrooms in your area or nearby your area.
    Google Search on ‘Ola Experience Center Near Me’

    When you successfully locate a nearby Ola center, you can visit them and speak with their sales representatives. They'll be happy to explain all the models, their features, and recommend the best one for your needs and budget.

    Here are some added advantages and disadvantages you can consider when buying your Ola e-scooter from their showroom.


    • See the scooters in person, and experience its design and quality.
    • Option to schedule a test ride and experience the handling and performance firsthand.
    • Get help from Ola representatives for choosing the right model based on your budget and other concerns
    • Potentially quicker purchase process compared to online options, depending on Ola centers.


    • Not all cities and states would have Ola Experience Centers.
    • Test rides and consultation from representatives can be delayed.
    • Some e-scooter models might be unavailable compared to the online options.

    And that’s all about purchasing your Ola e-scooter from their official center.

    Now, let me help you decide between them.

How to Buy Ola Electric Scooter?

We now know that both online and in-store purchase option comes with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. So in the end, the choice will depend on your personal preferences only.

However, I suggest conducting research before choosing any purchase option.

You can find a wealth of information about the Ola e-scooter by exploring their official website and mobile app. There, you can explore all the scooter models available in the market, and gain insights from the reviews of experts and customers.

Doing this helps you gain a deeper understanding of product design, features, and performance. Later on, is it highly recommended to visit a nearby Ola Experience Center to get a closer view of the product and experience its quality. Visiting their showroom also opens the opportunity for you to discuss specific product concerns with Ola representatives directly.

Once you’re done with online research and the Ola experience center visit, you’re all set to make a confident decision between the purchase methods.

Last Words

I hope this guide showed you the right path for purchasing your next Ola e-scooter.

And now that you’re ready to hit the road with your new Ola e-scooter, remember that proper maintenance is key for your scooter to look and perform best for years to come. Explore our wide range of high-quality Ola Scooter Accessories, from stylish footrests to protective crash guards, designed to enhance your ride and extend the life of your scooter.

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