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Monsoon Must-Haves To Protect Your Ola Scooter

Monsoon Must-Haves To Protect Your Ola Scooter


Monsoon is here, and it’s time to protect your Ola scooter from heavy rain and humidity. 🌧️

Whether to ride your scooter in the heavy rain or try to maintain its quality, it is going to be a tough game. However, with good accessories and careful steps, you can have a safe and fun ride.

In this detailed guide, we look at necessary items for the monsoon that every Ola scooter owner must purchase. We’ll also share tips on additional steps you can take to protect your Ola scooter for years to come.

Let’s get into it.

What are Monsoon Must-have Accessories To Protect Your Ola Scooter?

Here, I’ve mentioned the best accessories that help protect your Ola scooter in this rainy season. Get to reading.

#1. Ola Seat Cover

It is crucial to properly maintain your Ola scooter seat during the monsoon season. Using a high-quality seat cover helps protect the original seat from getting damaged by water and makes it easier to wipe off rainwater without any trouble. These covers fit tightly over your scooter seat to prevent moisture, which can lead to discoloration, cracks, or premature damage. Buying a strong and water-resistant cover for the seat means that even after heavy rain, your seat stays dry and comfy. Also, many seat covers have reflective stripes or designs that help you be seen better on the road when it is dark. By adding this easy accessory to get ready for monsoon season, you can make your scooter's seat last longer and keep it looking good during rain.

#2. Ola Floormat

In the rainy season, water and dirt always find their way onto your scooter's floor. Ola floormat can help keep your scooter clean and dry. These mats are designed to catch water and dirt from shoes, protecting the scooter floor and facilitating easy cleaning. Buying a high-quality Ola floormat is a smart choice for many reasons. First, these mats are made from strong, water-proof materials that can handle very bad monsoon weather. They have higher edges or borders that keep spills inside and stop liquids from getting onto the scooter's floor. Also, a lot of Ola floormats come with bumpy surfaces or grooves, which give a good grip. 

This makes sure you are safe when you get in and out of the scooter. Ola floormats are easy to clean. Unlike the scooter's floor, which can be hard to wash, these mats are simple to take out, rinse off, and dry. This way, you can easily keep your scooter neat and hygienic. By using this important accessory in your monsoon preparation, you can protect the inside of your scooter from water harm, avoid ugly stains, and have a cleaner and more comfortable ride even when it's very wet outside.

#3. Ola Full Set Disc Pad

Though monsoon season does not directly harm disc pads, keeping them in good condition is very important for safe braking on wet roads. When streets are wet, it can greatly lower how well brakes work, so having properly cared-for disc pads becomes crucial. Regularly checking and replacing worn brake pads is crucial for maintaining optimal braking system performance, especially in adverse weather conditions. During the monsoon season, scooters require a greater stopping distance due to the wet and slippery roads. 

If disc pads are old or worn out, they might not be strong enough to make the car stop quickly, which can cause more accidents. By checking and changing disc pads when needed, you can keep good braking power and lower the chance of skidding or losing control on wet roads. It is also important to mention that disc pads can wear down quickly when it is wet outside. This happens because there is more friction and sometimes dirt or other things on the road surface. Cleaning and taking care of the brake system regularly can help stop early wearing out, ensuring braking works well even during rainy season.

#4. Ola Screen Guard

Riding in heavy rain can splash water onto your scooter's instrument cluster, potentially causing damage or leading to a foggy screen. By utilizing an Ola screen guard, you can effectively shield this component, preventing water from permeating through. This protective measure ensures that crucial information displayed remains clear, allowing for optimal visibility while riding.

#5. Ola Dicky Mat

During the rainy season, the storage area of your Ola scooter is prone to water and dirt. To prevent moisture from entering and causing damage to your belongings or the internal components of your scooter, an Ola dicky mat is designed specifically to protect this area.

#6. Ola Luggage Hook

The Ola luggage hook may seem insignificant, but its usefulness during the rainy season cannot be underestimated. It provides a convenient solution for riders who find themselves caught in the rain. Whether it's a wet coat or umbrella, this small hook allows you to hang them securely, preventing any water from dripping onto the scooter seat or floor.

#7. Ola Fiber Windshield

Riding in the rain can be unpleasant due to the wind and water splashing on your face and body. However, an Ola fiber windshield is a helpful accessory that can keep the rain and wind at bay, enhancing your comfort and improving visibility while riding in wet conditions. 

Ensure the safety and preparedness of your Ola scooter to confront the rainy weather during the monsoon season by purchasing these essential items. However, these additional accessories serve as a mere beginning, as there are numerous other measures and recommendations to consider for the complete protection of your scooter.

Additional Tips to Protect Your Ola Scooter this Monsoon

1. Prefer Parking At Dry Place

In the monsoon season, it is good to park your Ola scooter in a dry and covered place if you can. If the scooter stays too long in the rain, water can gather on it. This might cause rust to appear or cause problems with the electric parts. If a place with a cover is not always findable, maybe think about buying a good scooter cover or looking for other places with a roof to keep it safe from the weather. Storing your Ola scooter properly is crucial, especially during the rainy season, to ensure its longevity.

Keeping it in a garage or under a carport provides the best protection against heavy rain and prevents water from reaching its delicate parts. If these options are not feasible, investing in a durable and water-resistant scooter cover is recommended. This will provide excellent protection against moisture and dirt.

Also, be careful where you park your scooter. Avoid places that flood or have too much water. Look for parking spots that are higher up or drain well to prevent water damage to your scooter. Regular checks and upkeep are also very important, making sure any moisture is quickly taken care of and electrical systems stay dry and work well.

2. Slow Down the Riding Speed

Riding at high speeds during the monsoon season can pose significant risks due to wet roads. Reduced tire grip increases the likelihood of skidding and losing control of your scooter. To ensure safety, it is crucial to decelerate while riding and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, thereby safeguarding yourself and other road users.

3. Avoid Riding Through Flooded Streets

When seeing flooded streets, it might look like a good idea to take shortcuts, but it's really important not to do this. Deep water can harm your scooter’s electrical parts and maybe cause a short circuit, too. Even if the water level looks okay, there can be hidden things or potholes under the surface that could be dangerous. 

Always think about your safety first and choose a different way. Riding through flooded places during the monsoon is very dangerous for many reasons. Firstly, water can quickly get into the scooter's electrical parts, which might cause short circuits and make metal parts rusty. This can lead to important pieces of the scooter breaking down or not working properly anymore. This can not only stop your scooter from working but also make it dangerous for you when riding. Also, streets with a lot of water can hide dangers like open manholes, trash, or deep holes that might make you lose control or even get into an accident. 

The depth of the water is tricky; it looks different from what it really is, and you can't tell how the road surface underneath actually feels. Moreover, when surfaces are wet, your scooter's handling and braking might not work well. This makes it easier for the scooter to skid or lose control, especially in places with a lot of water. To keep safe and take care of your investment, it is wise to plan your ways carefully during the monsoon time and avoid places that often flood or have standing water. If you come across streets with flooding, be patient and look for another way to go, even if it means going a longer distance. Giving importance to your health and the long life of your scooter is more important than any seeming convenience or time-saving tricks. 

4. Wash Your Scooter Regularly

During the monsoon season, your Ola scooter is exposed to various road debris, mud, and particles that may adhere to it. When combined with rainwater, these elements accelerate the occurrence of rust and corrosion on metal components. Regularly cleaning and thoroughly drying your scooter can prevent these issues and maintain its appearance. Water and dirt can cause damage to your scooter's metal parts, such as the frame, suspension, and brake components. 

When water seeps into small gaps and cracks, it creates an ideal environment for rust and corrosion to develop on the metal surfaces. Over time, this can weaken the structure, hinder performance, and potentially require costly repairs or replacements. To prevent this issue, it is crucial to regularly clean and dry your Ola scooter during the rainy season. Following each ride, take the time to remove any accumulated dirt, mud, or debris. 

Choose a gentle water stream and a soft brush to ensure a thorough cleaning. Ensure that you meticulously clean hard-to-reach areas prone to accumulating dirt, such as underneath the scooter, around the wheels, and in the tight corners of the frame. After you wash your scooter, it is also very important to make sure it becomes completely dry before you store or ride again. 

Use a clean and absorbent cloth, or use compressed air to take away any leftover wetness. This is especially necessary in places where rust and corrosion can happen more easily. Maybe you think about buying a good cover for the scooter or keeping the scooter in a dry place with nice airflow.

This way, it stays safe from wet and possible harm. By doing regular washing and drying during monsoon season, you can make your Ola scooter last longer and keep it looking nice, even when the weather is very bad. This easy but important task will help to make sure your scooter stays dependable and fun to ride in rainy times and after.

5. Be Regular With Scooter Services

Regular service is crucial for maintaining your Ola scooter's performance and longevity, especially during the monsoon season. Timely booking of service appointments ensures timely identification and resolution of any issues, thus ensuring the scooter remains in optimal condition throughout the rainy period. In the monsoon time, your scooter parts face more stress and exposure to water, dirt, and small stones. 

Getting it serviced by experts makes sure that important systems like brakes, suspension, and electrical parts are checked carefully and kept in good shape. Technicians can see any signs of wear or damage, change the worn-out parts, and make needed adjustments to guarantee safe and reliable working in wet conditions. Moreover, regular maintenance gives chance for cleaning and putting oil on moving parts. This can stop early damage that water and dirt might cause to build up.

Last Words

To protect your Ola scooter during the rainy monsoon season, it is essential to be cautious and attentive. By acquiring the right accessories and following the advice in this guide, you can confidently navigate the challenges of rain while keeping your scooter in excellent condition. Remember, taking preventive measures now can help you avoid costly repairs and future issues.

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