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Ola S1 Air Scooter Review: Everything You Must Know

Ola S1 Air Scooter Review: Everything You Must Know


The Ola S1 Air stands out as an exemplary electric scooter, seamlessly merging aesthetics with practicality. This versatile scooter boasts an attractive exterior design, capacious storage, and ergonomic features. With a commendable riding range and top-speed capabilities, the Ola S1 Air becomes an ideal choice for the everyday urban commuter. In a world seeking solutions for traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and seamless transportation, electric scooters have emerged as a compelling antidote. By embodying these virtues, the Ola S1 Air positions Ola Electric as an innovative Indian company in the realm of accessible and cost-effective electric mobility solutions.

Highlights of the Ola S1 Air scooter

Ola S1 Air

Positioned as Ola's most budget-friendly electric vehicle, the Ola S1 Air electric scooter masterfully harmonises style and utility.


With a thrilling top speed of 90 kmph, it's bound to leave you awestruck.

Spacious boot space

Accommodating your diverse needs, it offers a capacious 4L boot space capable of holding everything from groceries to workout attire right beneath your seat.


The 2.98 kWh battery, although smaller compared to the S1 Pro, boasts an impressive claimed range of 125 km in 'Eco' mode, ensuring extended journeys without compromise.

Dual-tone body

Adding to its allure, the Ola S1 Air flaunts a captivating dual-tone body, providing the option to enjoy the blend of two distinct colours. This choice mirrors the scooter's ethos: Why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds?

Seamless navigation

Embark on seamless adventures with just a tap, as the intuitive navigation feature instantly brings maps to your fingertips, ensuring you never lose your way while riding.


The Ola Si Air is priced at Rs. 1,19,999 with the availability of EMI options.

Ola S1 Air Review

Design and features

The Ola S1 Air stands out with its distinct design, featuring full LED headlights and sleek bodywork. It adopts front telescopic forks instead of the signature single-sided unit, with 12-inch steel wheels and combined braking technology. A standout change lies in the fully flat floorboard, enhancing rider comfort and storage convenience. Equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen instrument panel offering ample information and connectivity, the scooter maintains a comfortable riding position akin to conventional models, with a 738 mm seat height. While the redesigned grab rail serves its purpose, the 34-litre boot space, although still spacious, is slightly reduced.

Chassis, motor, and top speed

Riding on Ola's Gen 2 platform, the Ola S1 Air showcases a redesigned chassis. The scooter features telescopic suspension at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. Although functionally advantageous, the appearance of the new swingarm may not be as appealing. Propelled by a hub-mounted motor producing a peak output of 4.5kW, the Ola S1 Air achieves a claimed top speed of 90kmph and accelerates from 0 to 60kmph in just 5.7 seconds.

Battery and charging

Propelled by a revamped 2.98kWh battery, the Ola S1 Air boasts an ARAI-certified range of 125km. Ola specifies a true range of 100 km in Normal mode, 87 km in Sport mode, and 125 km in Eco mode, eliminating the "Hyper" mode present in other models. Reaching full charge requires 5 hours, with an 80% charge attainable in 3.84 hours.


  • Remarkable affordability within the segment
  • Compact form and lightweight construction ensure exceptional agility
  • The impressive top speed of 90 km/h adds to its appeal
  • Best-in-class features
  • Amazing ride quality
  • Good price-to-performance ratio


  • It has some software glitches
  • It has drum brakes, which are not as powerful as disc brakes
  • Rear wheel might experience locking when braking from slightly elevated speeds

The Ola S1 Air first ride review indicates the fact that the scooter is a well-balanced one and worth investing in if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable option with ample space for the rider. It delivers a seamless performance over a long riding range.

Importance of Ola electric scooter accessories

Ola electric scooter accessories serve both practical and personalization purposes, improving the overall riding experience on the road.


One of the indispensable Ola electric scooter accessories, a screen protector safeguards against scratches, cracks, and minor damages. It provides an extra layer of defence, reducing the chances of the screen breaking due to accidental falls.

Comfort enhancement

Seat cushions and backrests enhance rider comfort during extended journeys, reducing fatigue and strain.

Tech integration

Accessories like phone mounts and USB chargers facilitate connectivity and convenience by enabling riders to use navigation apps or charge devices on the go.

Charger storage

The holder is crafted for effortless installation on any suitable wall, providing a convenient fixed spot to store the Ola S1 Air charger. This eliminates the inconvenience of locating the charger and dealing with tangled cords.

Ola electric scooter accessories are important for increasing security, convenience, range, and modification. They cater to riders' unique demands, making Ola electric scooter ownership more pleasurable, convenient, and flexible in a variety of settings.

In the context of seamless transportation, The Ola S1 Air reflects innovation and eco-conscious mobility. It provides a compelling answer to urban transportation difficulties by seamlessly blending elegance, performance, and eco-friendliness. The Ola S1 Air represents a dedication to a better future with its efficient electric powertrains, smart technologies, and customised designs.

By purchasing Ola electric scooter accessories, you are not only improving your vehicle but also adding usefulness and originality to your excursions. Favourite Auto Accessories is a one-stop destination for various Ola electric scooter accessories. Get in touch with Favourite Auto Accessories to take advantage of the chance to personalise your vehicle, making it distinctively yours while reaping the benefits of enhanced comfort, safety, and functionality.

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