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No matter if you’re looking to personalize your Ola electric scooter or want to protect its exterior to keep it as new as recently purchased, our huge collection of high-quality Ola Electric Scooter Accessories is your way to go.

Our Ola accessories help you maintain comfort, safety, style, a customized look, and more for your scooter, making it convenient enough to explore improved electric adventures.

Our Range of Ola Electric Scooter Accessories

Here’s an explanation of our range of essential Ola Electric Scooter Accessories.

  1. Enhanced Comfort: Long rides on your Ola electric scooter can cause back pain. Our Ola BackRest provides excellent back support, helping to prevent pain. While one of our Ola accessories, the Floor Mat offers both protection for your feet and a stylish touch to your scooter's interior.
  2. Protection & Care: Loose charger cords can easily get damaged or create a potential risk to fire. Our Ola Charger Cap can help protect your scooter from dust, while our Ola Charger Holder can help keep your charger organized and readily accessible.
  3. Parking Solution: A few Ola users have mentioned issues with the side stand, feeling it to be weak. Our range of Ola accessories includes a durable Ola Side Stand that helps maintain a stable parking experience.
  4. Floorboard Options: Uncomfortable foot placement on your Ola electric scooter can disturb your riding journey. Ola floorboards from FAA work as a solution for a better foot placement experience. Also, our collection of floorboards includes specifically designed options for the Ola S1 Pro Model.
  5. Footrest Finesse: Our Ola Footrest helps improve the ride for your passenger by providing optimal support for foot placement, allowing them to enjoy the ride without any pain or hassle.
  6. Safety & Performance: Add a pop of color to your e-scooter seat with our range of seat covers for the Ola Electric Scooter. Seat covers from Favorite Auto Accessories are made of pure leather and provide edge protection to guard against damage.

Why Choose ‘Favourite Auto Accessories’ for Your Ola Scooter Accessories?

Personalizing and customizing your Ola electric scooter comes with choices. Let me list some reasons why you should choose our accessories over those available in the market.

  1. Genuine Ola Accessories: Our accessories are authentically made for Ola, ensuring a perfect combination of optimal performance and styling for your e-scooter.
  2. Unbeatable Selection: Our extensive catalog for Ola accessories allows you to browse a range of products, helping you find a perfect accessory that suits your needs and preferences.
  3. Competitive Prices, Exceptional Value: Ola Accessories at Favorite Auto Accessories are made using high-quality materials and yet are affordable solutions for protecting your e-scooter, maximizing the purchase value.
  4. Fast and Hassle-Free Delivery: Our Ola accessories can be ordered online across India and are delivered quickly and conveniently.
  5. Dedicated Customer Support: Our knowledgeable team for customer support is always available to solve user queries, help them with the purchase process, and guide them through accessories implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our Ola scooter accessories.

1. What types of accessories are available for Ola Scooters?
 -   We offer a range of accessories for the Ola Electric Scooter, including those for comfort, protection, parking, style, and performance.

2. Are these accessories easy to install on Ola scooters?
 -  Yes, our Ola accessories are designed for easy installation even for non-technical people. Moreover, you can find installation videos on product pages that further guide with product installation process.

3. Can I return or exchange accessories if they are not suitable for my Ola Scooter?
 -  Yes, we offer a 7-day return and exchange policy for unused Ola accessories.

4. Are these genuine Ola products?
 -  Yes, our accessories are specifically made for Ola scooters to fit their design, ensuring compatibility and quality.

5. Are there any additional charges apart from the listed prices of Ola accessories?
 -  No, there are no additional charges apart from the listed product prices. Also, there is no additional charge for delivery across India.

6. Do you offer nationwide or international shipping for Ola accessories?
-  Our Ola accessories are available for all-India delivery. No matter what corner of India you’re located in, we can deliver your preferred Ola accessories to your doorstep with a promise of an improved riding experience.

7. Is it safe to purchase Ola Accessories online from your website?
-  Yes, it is safe to purchase your Ola accessories from our website. Our website is secure and works with industry-standard encryption to protect your personal information and financial transaction data. 

Upgrade your Ola E-scooter Experience Today!

Why settle for a basic scooter experience when you have the option to personalize your Ola e-scooter ride and improve the comfort features with optimal scooter performance?

Explore our collection of Ola scooter accessories and experience the difference in your e-scooter adventures today!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

It will protect your my scooter from scratch?

Ola accessories meet all your requirements for safety and comfort. It is made of an 18 gauge/1.15mm thick Mild Steel Pipe for better Safety for Ola electric scooter.

Can I track my package?

All orders received by midnight will be sent free Next Day Delivery through one of our trusted courier partners.

If I order now, when will my package arrive?

All orders received by midnight will be sent free Next Day Delivery through one of our trusted courier partners.

Where do you send my package from?

All orders received by midnight will be sent free Next Day Delivery through one of our trusted courier partners.

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