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Augment Your Experience with Premium Ola Electric Scooter Accessories

Augment Your Experience with Premium Ola Electric Scooter Accessories


The Ola electric scooter has gained popularity due to its exceptional efficiency, elegant appearance, safety aspects, long-term viability and cost. As a consequence, it quickly evolved into one of the most sought-after electric scooters, responding to the growing need for environmentally friendly and cost-effective urban transportation options. With the rising demand for Ola electric scooters, the need for Ola electric scooter accessories has also expanded significantly.

Favourite Auto Accessories - A reliable and trusted name in the world of Ola electric scooter accessories

Favourite Auto Accessories (FAA) is a one-stop shop for upgrading the Ola electric scooter ride. Favourite Auto Accessories provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality Ola electric scooter accessories. The accessories offered by Favourite Auto Accessories are designed to complement the ride and offer optimum safety and comfort, with options ranging from comfy backrests and folding footrests to dependable phone mounts. This auto accessory dealer offers everything that a rider needs - S1 Pro electric scooter accessories or S1 electric scooter accessories.

Ola scooter accessories combo kit

The Ola scooter accessories combo kit will help individuals having the Ola electric scooter prepare for their next ride. This combo kit consists of the following:

  • Foldable Footrest - Buddy Step and Comfortable Backrest
  • Charger Holder/Bracket: Wall Mounted with Key Lock Protection
  • Seat Cover (Black)
  •  Unbreakable Clear Finished Screen Protector Glossy Screen

The Ola scooter accessories combo kit is ideal for convenience, safety, and efficiency. With this full collection of accessories, the Ola electric bike will be ready for any journey with safety and style.

1. Foldable Footrest - Buddy Step and Comfortable Backrest

Foldable Footrest - Buddy Step and Comfortable Backrest


  • Berger Paints' superior top-notch powder is used for black powder painting
  • Adults and children alike may simply keep their feet on the folding footrest
  • It is extremely robust, long-lasting, and durable
  • All of these accessories are simple to install and do not require any special skills


Ola scooter backrest


  • The foldable footrest - buddy step and comfortable backrest are a vital part of the Ola scooter accessories combo kit that dramatically improves electric scooter rider's comfort and convenience.
  • The folding footrest provides a handy area for the feet to rest while riding. It adds extra support and stability, especially on extended rides.
  • The supportive backrest helps good riding posture by providing superior lumbar support. It relieves back strain and stiffness, making lengthy rides easier. 

2. Charger Holder/Bracket: Wall Mounted with Key Lock Protection


  • Simple and safe way to organise and store the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter charger
  • Made with high-quality materials to assure its durability and endurance
  • Built to support the weight of the charger and to last for an extended period of time
  • Secure key lock adds an extra degree of protection, allowing riders to leave their charger unattended with complete peace of mind

Ola Charger Holder/Bracket


  • Organise and make charging equipment conveniently accessible
  • The wall-mounted form saves vital floor space, thus rendering it suitable for small living areas or packed garages
  • Safeguards the charger from being damaged or knocked over

3. Seat cover (black)

Ola scooter seat cover


  • Made from highly tough and durable material
  • Easy to clean and wipe
  • Designed as per Indian weather
  • Provides a sleek and sophisticated appearance
  • Protects the seat from damage
  • Extends the life of the seat



  • Improves the electric scooter's comfort by offering a soft and padded surface for riding on
  • Protects the scooter's seat from dust, dirt, and other environmental variables

4. Unbreakable Clear Finished Screen Protector Glossy Screen


  • Tempered glass that is completely new and carefully built for protection
  • Precision laser cutting results in an ultra-thin (0.33 mm thickness) product
  • Exquisitely polished, with well-rounded edges and 3D touch compatibility
  • Promises complete touchscreen compatibility and HD Clarity while retaining the original glass experience
  • Hydrophobic screen layer keeps perspiration, oil, and water out
  • Consists of bubble-free glue that is simple to use
  • Scratch-resistant due to the extremely durable and 9H tempered glass


  • Ensures maximum visibility, making it possible to see the information while riding
  • Prevents cracking or breaking of the screen
  • Keeps the display scratch-free

Top reasons to buy the Ola scooter accessories combo kit over a single product

Ola Accessories at Discounted Rates


Ola S1 & S1 Pro accessories combo deal offers huge savings over purchasing each component separately. The Favourite Auto Accessories has bundled many things together at a reduced price, making it a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing each item of the S1 Pro and S1 electric scooter accessories separately.

Saves valuable time

Buying the Ola scooter accessories combo kit eliminates the need to search and evaluate individual Ola electric scooter accessories. This saves a lot of valuable time which can be invested into doing something more productive.

Ola scooter accessories are a variety of high-quality items designed to assist Ola electric scooter customers improve their riding experience. Each accessory, whether it's a foldable footrest, a comfortable backrest, a charger holder with lockable key protection, a seat cover, a screen protector, or any other item, serves a specific purpose to improve ease, functionality, security, and aesthetics. These attachments are not only precisely designed, but they are also compatible with Ola electric scooters. Riders may personalise their scooters and have a more comfortable and enjoyable ride by investing in Ola scooter accessories. 

Explore our assortment and use the high-quality Ola electric scooter accessories to enhance your Ola electric scooter experience. Contact us, Favourite Auto Accessories, today to ride in style and with confidence! Upgrade your Ola electric scooter with these accessories and experience the difference right now. For the best Ola S1 and S1 Pro accessories offer, get in touch with us NOW. 

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