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The Ultimate Guide to Ola Electric Scooter Maintenance (Plus Top Accessory Picks)

The Ultimate Guide to Ola Electric Scooter Maintenance (Plus Top Accessory Picks)


Congratulations on becoming one of the many happy owners of an Ola electric scooter; you are now part of a fast-expanding group that supports sustainable transportation in cities. These smooth, quiet vehicles are becoming very popular on the roads of India as they provide a more environmentally friendly option compared to the usual petrol scooters.

However, like other vehicles, it is very important to do regular checks and care for your Ola scooter if you want it to work well for a long time. This detailed guide will give you helpful information on how to look after your electric scooter and also talk about various additional third-party accessories that can make riding it even better.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Ola Electric Scooter

Spending time and putting effort into regular upkeep is very rewarding in many aspects. Most importantly, it enhances how well your scooter works and makes it last longer, so you can have a good, trouble-free journey for more years.

Second, it is essential to take care of the scooter for safety reasons; this makes sure that key parts such as brakes and tires are always working well. Third, taking good care of the scooter regularly can help save a lot of money in the future because it helps avoid expensive fixes or having to get a new battery too soo1n.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Ola Electric Scooter Owners

Battery Care and Maintenance

The battery is essential for your electric scooter, like the heart. It's necessary to take care of it properly. You should charge it as suggested - not letting the power go entirely down and also not keeping on charging too much time. Be mindful of any error messages or alerts from the system that manages your battery because these could indicate a more significant problem. By charging correctly and watching carefully, you can ensure your battery continues to power your journeys well into the future.

Tire Inspection and Maintenance

Your tires link you with the road, therefore, they need consistent care. Frequently check the air pressure and maintain it at the suggested PSI level. Regularly check the depth of your tire tread. Also, be watchful for any slices, swelling or different forms of harm that might cause a puncture. Remember to turn your tires around every few months, so they wear out evenly. Taking care of your tires a bit can help make your ride smoother and safer.

Brake System Checks

When we talk about safety, it is very important to say that the brakes on your scooter are maybe the most significant part. It's a good idea to often look at the brake pads for any signs of being worn out and change them when they become too thin. Monitor the fluid level in hydraulic brakes and be alert for potential leaks. It is also essential to frequently check the brake levers, ensuring they feel strong and responsive when pulled. If something is soft or not reacting, it means you should check the brake system. Don't ignore this – working brakes are essential for your safety.

Regular Cleaning and Inspections

People often mention that being clean is similar to being holy, and this absolutely applies to your reliable scooter as well. Make sure you clean it regularly so that dust, soil, and stains from the streets do not accumulate. It becomes simpler to see if there are any parts that are not tight, wires wearing out, or different possible problems when you do your usual checks. Also, listen carefully for new or strange sounds, shaking feelings, or anything else that might show that trouble is starting. A clean, frequently inspected scooter is a happy, healthy scooter.

Electrical System Checks

Your Ola scooter is an all-electric wonder, so it's essential to give the electrical systems extra care. From time to time, make sure you inspect all the cables for loose parts, rust or any harm caused by things on the road. Check the connecting parts, modules for control and different electric elements to see if there is any wearing out, cracks or water getting in. Even though these systems are made to last long, problems can appear so it's essential to keep checking them often with your eyes. Taking good care of the electrical system can really help your scooter to keep running smoothly for a long time.

Top Accessory Picks for Your Ola Electric Scooter

Besides taking care of your Ola scooter, selecting some suitable accessories can improve your experience with the Ola scooter and make it both more useful and better reflect your style.

A. Ola Floor Mats

These floor mats for Ola scooters really change how things work. They act as small heroes on the footboard, protecting it from dirt and other unclean things you get while driving through the city. However, there's more – these additions also offer you a good grip, allowing your feet to stay firm and in control, even on wet or slippery surfaces.

How to install and maintain?

Putting in these mats is very easy. They are made to fit exactly onto the footboard of your scooter, just as if they were specifically created for it. Arrange them in a row and press firmly, then you are set to go.

Maintaining these mats is a straightforward process. Clean them with gentle soap and water sometimes, and they look new like when you first have them. There is no requirement for complex cleaning products or similar unnecessary things. Simply maintain the essentials, and your Ola mats will continue to perform excellently.

B. Ola Air Charger Socket Cap

Importance of protecting the charge port

The charging port is like a door that lets you supply electricity so you can continue to use it. However, this important part is open and can be easily contaminated, such as grime, small particles, water or even unexpected hits or falls. If the charging port is not covered, it might become blocked, rusty, or even completely broken. This could result in your battery running out of power and you being unable to use it. So, buying a protective cover for this part is a wise decision, my friend. It's like a little bodyguard for your scooter's lifeline.

Features of the Ola Air Charger Socket Cap

This cap is not just any standard universal type. The Ola Air Charger Socket Cap has been made exactly for your scooter's model to guarantee that it fits well and provides the best protection. When you are not charging, just put this on and it will cover the charge port like a strong safe, protecting it from weather, things on the road, and any unplanned hits or scratches. It is made of tough materials to last through everyday use so that you can concentrate on your ride without concern for the condition of your charge port.

C. Ola Charger Socket or Holder

Advantages of using an official charger holder

A charger holder not only organizes and secures your charging wire but also stops it from being unplugged by mistake or getting damaged while it charges.

Installation tips

The majority of holders are simple to install close to the charging port on your scooter, which makes for a neat and handy arrangement for charging.

D. Ola Side Stand

Convenience and safety of proper parking

A strong side stand is a very important add-on that gives you comfort and ease when you park your scooter. It helps to hold your two-wheeled friend standing straight, reducing the chance of it falling accidentally because of heavy wind or if you lean it on a wall. You can park with confidence when you have a side stand because it keeps your scooter stable and safe.

Installation guide and usage

Ola's side stand is made to be simple. Putting it in place is easy, needing only a few tools and not much work because it just bolts on. You get clear instructions that take you through each step so you can make sure it fits right and is safe.

Enhancing Performance with Ola-Specific Accessories

Although Ola scooters already perform very well when you buy them, selecting some additional accessories can improve your experience of riding them.

A. Ola Full Set Disc Pad

Importance of quality disc pads for braking

The brakes on your scooter are very important for safety. Buying good disc pads can make the brakes work better and more reliably.

Changing and maintaining disc pads

Though it's better for experts to replace brake pads, checking them often and keeping them clean can make them last longer.

B. Ola Screen Guard

Protecting your scooter's display

Your Ola scooter has a digital display that shows important details quickly. A protective film covers this essential part to keep it from getting scratched, cracked, or damaged in other ways.

To protect your Ola e-scooter screen, you can either go for a matte screen guard or glossy screen guard, anything that suits you.

Applying the screen guard correctly

It is important to apply correctly so there are no air pockets. Make sure you read the instructions that come with it closely for a perfect match.

C. Ola Brake Lever and Ola Brake Plate

Crucial role in the braking system

It is very important to keep the brake system of your scooter in good condition for a safe ride and having fun. Not only are disc pads essential, but also keeping brake levers and brake plates in good shape helps your brakes work well and respond quickly.

Here, I’ve some product suggestions for the same.

  1. Rear Brake Lever
  2. Left Side Brake Lever
  3. Front Disc Brake Plate
  4. Rear Disc Brake Plate

Steps for maintenance or replacement

Make sure to often look at the brake levers and plates to see if they are worn out. Look for things like lines, breaks, or too much looseness in the levers. See if there is any dirt or rust that has gathered on the plates. Use a soft fabric and not-strong cleaner to carefully clean off the dirt or sticky stuff on the brake handles and metal parts. Do not use rough cleaning agents or chemicals that might harm these parts.

Customizing Comfort and Utility with Ola Scooter Accessories

Beyond improving performance, Ola provides various accessories to customize your scooter according to your personal requirements and tastes.

A. Ola Seat Cover

Enhancing riding comfort

A cozy and nicely planned cover for your scooter seat can really change the experience of longer trips. It's true; the original seats are sometimes so complicated it is as if you sit on a wooden board, which makes you not look forward to going much further than just down to the nearby shop. But do not worry, my friend, because Ola provides you with many comfortable seat cover choices.

Customization options and care

Third-party seat covers have different colors and materials for seat covers, so you can choose something that fits the style of your scooter or what you like. If you want a cover that looks simple and modern or one with bright colors to attract attention, they have choices for every preference.

B. Ola Backrest

Benefits of passenger support

When you often have someone riding with you, having an Ola backrest can offer good support for the lower back and make them feel safer.

Installation and maintenance

The backrest is made for simple setup but needs regular inspections to make sure it fits correctly and stays in good condition.

C. Ola Luggage Hook and Ola Boot Space Mat

Maximizing storage space and utility

Luggage Hook and Boot Space Mat add-ons make your Ola scooter's storage bigger and help keep it clean, so you can carry more things or use the space under the seat in a better way.

Installation and usage tips

For secure fitting and the best balance of weight, listen to Ola's advice so it doesn't affect control or steadiness.

D. Ola Floor Board

Importance of a sturdy floorboard

A floorboard of good quality that fits well not only makes it more comfortable but also better for control and stability, particularly when making sharp movements.

Installation and care information

Ola's floorboards are made for an exact match, and they come with straightforward instructions for putting them in place, as well as advice on how to look after them.


Having an Ola electric scooter means you are investing in eco-friendly travel, and it shows you care about lessening your impact on the environment. If you use the critical maintenance advice provided here and look at these carefully made add-ons, you will increase both your pleasure from riding it and how long it lasts.

These extra parts from other companies let you change your scooter to make it better and fit what you want, like how it works or feels when you ride. You can then enjoy using electric power for moving around, knowing well that your Ola scooter will give you a nice and green journey for a long time ahead. The road ahead is electrifying – join the charge!

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